David Willis

The Benefits Of Balloon Art In Radiation Therapy

Dave outlines the role of balloon art in the treatment of children with cancer including; basic balloon methodology, indications and contraindications for balloon use and a cost vs. benefit analysis of balloon use during radiation therapy. Read this ground breaking article now.


Dave's tribute to the fine art of tie collecting will leave you in wonder. Enter our museum and download a tie.

X-Ray Guitar

The wonders of radiation science bring you closer than ever before to the wonders that lie inside of a hollow body jazz guitar.

Travis Winters

Little Do I Care

As a consultant from time to time I'll be assigned work, in the form of a story card which requires me to pay considered attention to a part of the application that I have little ownership of.
Posted on 12 August 2012

Gig Bag Revealed

Finally the darkest recesses of a working musicians gig bag are explored. Travo reveals the secrets and wonders lurking within' his Gladstone bag.

Travo Built a Car

Four years were spent toiling upon the worn out hull of a 1958 Holden FC sedan. The story of its restoration to former glory and a new life is told in full.