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The Biggest Guitar Shop I've ever Seen

I was staggering around the local area (Lincoln Park) and came across one of the biggest damn guitar shops I've ever seen. It was enormous - there must of been nearly 500 guitars hangin all over the place, there were all kinds of amps - more on that... There was also a drum room - which was as big as any Melbourne drum shop I've seen - with twice as much floor stock, there was a keyboard room. Christ. The whole place was huge.

Amps - Pedro, or anyone who's readin' this who knows Pedro - get him to mail me. There are 4 (count 'em f.o.u.r.) Fender Champ's here, yeah the tiny ones with the 8" speakers, they're going for less than $US 250! I spoke to one of the dudes in there and if you want I can arrange to have one (or a couple) shipped home - he said he'd do me a good price. Mail Me!

What I really want to send home is a Fender Vibro King. Oh God, those amps sound so good, they are the sweetest and richest sounding amps I've ever heard. Yummy. Still $US 2000 - a little outside of my budget...just a little.

I'm hopin' to check out another couple of stores today and get down town and walk around the loop a little.