Down & Brown
since 1998


After hanging around downtown for much of Saturday (28th September - just incase your getting lost), and having the best ribs I've ever tasted for lunch - god help me I'm getting addicted to ribs. I went to go and see the new Ice Cube movie Barbershop. It's a pretty cool story about a guy who is struggling to manage the barbershop he inherited from his old man. In a day where drama and hilarity ensues our hero learns that his barbershop is the cornerstone of his community and has to fight to keep it.

After the movie I went to do my laundry. I had checked out the Days Inn Riverbluff hotel and got myself a room, though had left my luggage in the car so, on the off chance that I found a laundry open in the 'burbs on a Saturday night I'd at least be able to get the old bangers clean.

Sho' nuff, there was one open.

Now, having got that shit out of the way it was time to head for Wild Bills. When I got there it was after 9pm and I was surprised to find that the barbershop was still open. My ol' goatee had really started to get unwieldy so I decided to pop my head in and see if the barber could make me look a little more respectable.

Cool. Now I have a goatee shaped and moulded just like any other bad-assed dude from the 'hood.