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King Biscuit - The Music

So far I've only seen day one - Thursday, and it's been a treat. I was a little apprehensive early on, since the mix was terrible and the music wasn't that flash, but Hey! - it's like the first few hours of the festival - they're just starting to warm up those BBQ's and set up those bead sellin' stalls.

I hung in there and saw some great music - a lot of the stuff featured on the Thurday is from Louisiana, and it is really, really good. When I get home I'll have to check out a family dynasty by the name of ONeil, Rayf, Rayf Jnr and his son are all signed to Alligator and they sound great. There is another band that I really liked as well, while I can't recall their name as I write this, rest assured that I have the program carefully tucked away in my bag.