Down & Brown
since 1998

Mr Stinky Britches arrive in Memphis

9 hours on a train, catchin a couple o'hours sleep where you can can leave you feelin' pretty icky when you arrive at where you were goin. It was 5.30am when I got into Memphis and I had to wait 'till at least 6.30 before the city was ready to do business and give me a taxi ride downtown to find some breakfast and find a hotel.

I asked the Taxi driver, Robert, where the best place would be for breakfast would be...nah, no Soul Food breakfast joints were gonna be open this early - the only dump open was Denny's. Oh well.

After a feed I found my way back to the Taxi rank and asked them to take me to the Sleep Inn, what was gonna be a reasonably priced stay for a couple of nights while I recovered from the trip and 10 nights in a Hostel.

There were no rooms ready, So Mr. Stinky Britches had to spend the day staggerin' around a warm and rainy Memphis checkin' things out as is.