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Mud Island Ain't Muddy

Mud Island is an overgrown sandbar which is just of the riverbank. Well, it's actually quite big, maybe a mile and a half long and half a mile wide. They provide a mono-rail/skycar type service out to the island where you can check out a River Museum and also walk the length of the Mississippi.

Yup, walk the length of the Mississippi. They have created a fairy accurate (though the topography of the river is always changing) scaled down layout of the Mississippi River.

So I started in the Gulf and wandered along, hopped across and waded through the Mississippi river. It was kinda fun.

The Memphis Belle, from WWII, (not the movie) is kept here, it's not all that flash to look at. There is a long and sorry tale about Memphis' waxing and waning pride in their famous aircraft so after reading that the state of the aircraft really kinda made sense.