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Okay, so now I'm really interested. Social Software huh; while scanning the newest meme collection on the block. I stumbled over the Two Pieces That Social Software Must Have.

This is a pretty thoughful consideration of the different ingredients that combine to make social software work.

For me it's another summation of the power of the Wiki. I wonder what would happen if some of the sites I have worked on this year were handed over, even partially, to the communities / audiences, they are built to serve.

What would they look like? What kind of direction would they take? What kind of discussions would take place there?

It would take a lot of courage to hand even one of those websites over to their audience. I'm so curious though, what kinda' monster would it become.


  1. nick
    7 December 2004

    Trav you are a legend. Thanks for fixing up the blog. It looks great. Cheers, Nick