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since 1998

The Navigation Paradox

This is not about men or women. It's about living within the square or living with your ideological pants off.

Today, I had to drive to a street in Clifton Hill which I hadn't been before. I had been to Clifton Hill before. In fact I had even been in that part of Clifton Hill. But I hadn't been to that street.

I expected that once I kinda got us near Clifton Hill my navigator would be able to pick up on what was going on and get us to our destination. I was being pants off. I knew that we'd get there, just not exactly in the most direct and efficient way. Being the weekend, I was in an especially pants off mood.

Unfortunately, this aggravated my navigator. She was frustrated that I'd decided to even consider the map. She wasn't prepared to remove her pants. There were harsh words spoken.

Being pants off embraces all that is casual, relaxed, free and easy. It is about improvisation, adaptability and overcoming obstacles. Thinking outside of conventional paradigms. What I neglected was that they key to being pants off, is ensuring that ones companions are as relaxed and stupidly happy as you are.

Therein lies the challenge.

When people aren't prepared to remove their pants, you must be prepared to at least help to ease them into something more comfortable.

Happy days.