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Best Shopping Experience Ever

Yesterday, my beloved girlfriend and I found ourselves in the city having a bit of a poke around Melbourne Central lookin' for clothes. By chance we strolled on into Antons. We had a great time.

Antons is a clothing designer who specialises in things that are a little off beat; 40's inspired suits (for men and women), there's a little gothic wear, a few saucy prints (bondage images for shirts), a twist of Shanghai in it's prime and even a kinda 50's space theme there too.

We strolled in and began an epic shopping experience. Mel was being dressed in some beautiful oriental flavoured tunics with Mandarin collars, while I was sauntering around the shop in a 40's style Akubra hat - which I just had to have. And just as we thought it was all over, I was invited to try on a jacket to go with my new hat!

Well, for the next half-hour I was being dressed and coiffed by all four women in the shop. It was so much fun, the clothes were cool, the experience wonderful and the assistance lively and helpful. I usually hate shopping; I'm overweight and it's hard to find clothes that fit well off the rack. But Antons was just great, the clothes were well cut and fit brilliantly.

In the end, both Meli and I bought new clothes; Mel bought a whole new suit, and I bought the jacket, some pants designed for braces, the braces and a great shirt, cut in a classic style with French cuffs. We will both look deadly!

Thanks Antons, we had a great time.


  1. cos
    20 June 2005

    Yeah! I've been meaning to go there for years now, to replace my crappy $300 suit I bought over 10 years ago. Where's the photo? ;)

  2. Rhino
    29 June 2005

    Never been there, but heard the gear is quite the style. Post a pic of your new suit travo, we all want to see you spiffed up mate!

  3. Nicole
    13 January 2006

    Antons is an amazing shop! i love going in there. the staff are great and the clothes are to die for! you are guaranteed never to look like anyone else. brilliant brilliant shop.