Down & Brown
since 1998

Temper Temper

I've now been working for nearly eight weeks at my new job, and I'll tell you what, I must be some kind of whole new man. No it can't be - I'm still pretty much the same guy, doing the same kinda work...the only thing that has changed is the people whom I work for.

See, it was suggested that there were problems with my temperament at my last gig. Apparently, it didn't suit the environment; you know - that environment wouldn't suit too many people.

Well, unless of course, you're personality type fits any of the following;

God bless 'em - one and all - the people I worked with who were intelligent and thick skinned enough to make it through week after week of complete and utter madness.

I am grateful now to work in an environment in which respect and good manners are common place. Sure, it's a corporate environment and it may not be 'tribal'. Sure, blind Freddy can see that there will always be under-currents of mean-spiritedness and bitching. But hey, at least I know that when I go to work, I can do just that - work. All day, without interruption.

I haven't had to spend a single minute trying to pull knives out of my back. What a relief.

Yeah, maybe in six months things might be different. It's still early days yet and I'm still in a kind of 'honeymoon period'. Fortunately though, the boundaries of my responsibilities are very clear and I'm more that capable of fulfilling those responsibilities and more.

I'll let you know how it goes.