Down & Brown
since 1998


Hooray! Meli and I are now officially engaged. I know that some of y'all kinda knew that something was happening, but now it's official since we got the jewels. Or Jools as they're known around here.

Check 'em out in all their glory on Flickr.



  1. Jon Eaves
    21 November 2005

    Gratz dude ! Give my love to Meli.....

    Still waiting for the phone call to let us know...

  2. Rup
    22 November 2005

    Gratz guys! Awesome news. Thanks for the phone call by the way :)

  3. camo
    24 November 2005

    ROCK on! Better make the most of your last days of sin-living.. also please stop calling ;-)

  4. Robb
    1 December 2005

    Bullshit! That could be anyone's hand.