Down & Brown
since 1998

Shuffling Along

I have a heap of my own music ripped to my hard drive at work, about 20Gb worth. I realise this is much less music than many folk I know, but heaps more than most... None the less, I love to listen to albums - all the way through, all the time. But I've been struggling to find stuff to listen to among the hundreds of albums that I have ripped.

So, for the first time I've loaded the entire library, nearly 5000 songs, into the WinAmp playlist and hit shuffle.


I'm suprised how much I'm enjoying this. But I'm not surprised how well my eclectic tastes have been blending together; The Beastie Boys followed by some Buddy Guy then by some Garbage, Tenacious D followed by some Perfect Circle. It's really quite cool.