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After an embarrasing social meeting a few weeks ago, and a day yesterday spent organising and tagging all of my bookmarks I now have my bookmarks all online at Even more surprising was that I could actually get the username 'travo' - sometimes that's impossible - especially after being online for so long...

None the less it was during lunch with James Ross that I realised that if I'm going to get real about the social internet, I should get online and get a few of these things happening. I didn't use because it was fairly ugly and in truth, I didn't really 'get it' - social bookmarking? Huh?

It really solves a couple of problems for me; 1, I don't have to export my bookmarks from work and mail them home, which in truth is really dumb; 2, I can bookmark and tag stuff using my own taxonomy - which is truly the greatest thing about folksonomies (incidentally bookmarks taged 'occasionally' is stuff that I read occasionally, how much sense does that make!); 3, I haven't been bookmarking a lot of great stuff that I find because I find my managing my bookmarks at a browser level can be a real pain in the arse. I realised yesterday that there was a lot of duplication.

The other thing I realise is that I'm not really on board the RSS train. I know I should be, but I actually enjoy visiting a website and seeing whether or not there is new content there, and how that content is presented.

Hey, we like going to our local from time to time to see how the place is decorated. Sure, we could get some take-aways from the bottleshop but to have a couple of pots in the lounge and soak up the atmosphere... meet a couple of new friends; it's great, it's part of the experience!