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Oh Helen, how could you get it so wrong?

Seems our current Communications Minister, Helen Coonan is all twitchy after the Big Brother incident. Unfortunately she's mistaken "the community outrage about this matter"; thinking that people are upset upon finding that this incident was broadcast at all. Rightly, the public outrage was about the behaviour itself and if Big Brother is to have any real purpose it is to hold up a mirror - via all channels - of our own society.

Big Brother should be allowed to show this behaviour no matter how disturbing (or mundane) that behaviour is.

The ACMA though, has no business monitoring, regulating, reviewing or classifying Australian web based content. What content I place on my website is at my own disgression and will be policed and restricted under many other legislation.

The irony is that if the ACMA were to even attempt this, they'd become more like Big Brother than Big Brother.