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Paris Hilton : Walkin' Talkin' Livin' Doll

I liked this article illustrating what bloggers and online-marketing type people can learn from Paris Hilton. I am convinced that she is an embodiment of the most vicious and vapid characteristics of our current dominant culture, but I also recognise that she is a curiosity. Hilton, and those like her seem to be completely oblivious to their environment.

A very good friend suggested that some of the most important things you can remember are; who you are, where you are and where you're from. I like this mantra, it tells me that I must consider my conscience, my current context and my historical context.

Paris Hilton, fails on all accounts; she cares little for which-ever environment you place her in, I'm not sure she fully understands her historical context (what does heiress really mean to her) and worst of all, her conscience is a barely acknowledge voice in the back of her self-absorbed and self-gratifying mind.

Does it mean anything to her when she name drops? Is it because food is not an real or physical thing anymore - is it because it's merely a brand? Branding has created such a strong association between a gratification or need that she no longer considers the physical need, just the gratification of the brand.

For her it's no longer the base needs of food, water, shelter, sex - it's McDonalds, Perrier, Hilton and Timberlake.

I think...