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Too many babies? Time to grow up.

I love this - it is time to grow up, time to be an adult. I know how much of a great big baby I am; though I wonder about many others and whether or not they've really grown up.

I often catch myself getting drawn into a collective hysteria; like a whole bunch of babies together in a room and one of them starts crying, then the one next to it starts and before you know - the whole room is awash with a siren-like wailing. I often find myself affected by a collective mood. Mel keeps reminding me of how sensitive I am; it's true. And it's hard to manage.

Who knows whether or not this Telegraph article is serious or tongue-in-cheek - none the less, there are themes here which resonate. It was this line though that made me think of SEE, "We have no social sensibilities beyond the tribal".

I'm no advocate for a repressed society. There are many people I know who have the mix right - they know how to behave like adults and they know when it's appropriate to live life with childish joy. Collectively though it's time for the pendulum to swing back...