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Switched - Part Two

And I have a new job. I'm no longer going to be amassing Yamaha branded consumer electronics and musical instruments. I'm going to be working for Cogent Consulting - the cracking-est bunch of developers you ever did see. I realised while writing this that I had yearned to be a part of their posse before. A good year later and here I am -- rock!

Yamaha was an equal parts great learning experience and difficult personally negative experience. I'm grateful to everyone there from whom I've learnt many interesting things; logistics, finance, service, marketing, product support and dealer networking.

I've ranted about the negative aspects of this before; the significance is that these experiences actually have a lot more to do with me and my ability to deal with them than the individuals and circumstances that cause them.

As if I need to reassert my goals; I must work harder to develop a personal toolkit which allows me to function and act appropriately in environments that are uncomfortable, disagreeable or downright crappy.

Which makes me all the more grateful for the support of my new colleagues -- it's great to be in a positive and encouraging environment.

Not to mention all the cool stuff that I get to do, the exciting new platforms I get to do it on and the killer technology I get to do it with. Sweet.