Down & Brown
since 1998

Life is tough for the Inverse Cowboy

So today I cruised into the small temperate town of Calistoga California in the Napa Valley. I was exhausted from my arduous journey driving in air-conditioned comfort. My baby-soft computer programmer hands were sore from gripping the wheel. My back and shoulders were stiff and sore from hours in the seat.

It was time for some therapy at Dr Wilkinsons mud baths and hot-springs.


Yup, back in the day a cowboy would amble into town after a month on the dusty trails, filthy dirty from all kinds of manly cowboy stuff. He'd find the closest saloon where he could get a room and a hot soapy bath and wash off a month's worth of mud and dirt.

Now though, it's completely on it's head. I'm slipping into a tub of sphagnum moss, volcanic ash and hot spring water. Then after a rinse I'm over to a tub of bubbling hot-spring water to ease away our troubles.

That's just damn kooky. But that's life as an inverse cowboy!