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John Doyle is my master now

If you missed it on the telly, get on over to the ABC and read or listen to John Doyle's speech given at the annual Andrew Ollie lecture.

I'm a big fan of John Doyle. Informally introduced through a friend of his, 'Rampaging' Roy Slaven I'm always entertained and moved by his strong grasp of what it is to be an Australian - in an historical context and also in current cultural climate.

Alongside his understanding of what it is to be an Australian is a clear sense of dignity, compassion, intelligence and wit.

His speech for Andew Ollie is a broad sweeping glance at the state of Australian media and there are critical moments when he highlights its many failings in a way that should make those involved feel ashamed - without attacking them, ranting and spitting violently. Johns words are strong and assured. Not a mild "How could you?" but more of a "Did you stop to consider...?"

Listen to the lecture. It's great.