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Is it getting hot in here?

Just finished reading Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers and I'm now seeing my country, my city, my street, my house and my car with greener eyes.

There's plenty going on to encourage people to change their behaviour at a very localised level - change your energy provider, reduce your energy consumption, use public transport, maintain a compost heap, reduce your water usage - to decrease greenhouse gasses.

Meli and I went through the check list of stuff that we do to increase our contribution sustainability, and we're a good 8-9 out of ten.


It's just looking at other people and wondering, what are you doing? Cause, mate, it really matters to all of us. Not just the pinko-lefty-commie-bastard-greenie-hippies anymore.

I've moved on from Flannery's book to Diamond's 'Collapse' and this too is providing to be a very enlightening and motivating read.

I almost flinched and said that these books had made me frightened, but no; I'm definitely motivated.


  1. Jon Eaves
    21 October 2005

    I saw this on the side of a tram the other day, and decided that I should go and get it. Thanks for reminding me Trav !

    I found Collapse really hard going, but really enjoyed Guns, Germs and Steel. Maybe I need less WoW and more reading ;-)

  2. Travo
    22 October 2005

    Less, WoW - with all the stuff I've been seeing online now, I'm a little disturbed. I've got images of you and all your WoW buddies licking their monitors. Creepy.

    Yup, Collapse is hard going. But very interesting. And The Weather Makers just kicked my arse; came at a good time.