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Wait a minute...

I'm back!

Yeah, sorry. It's been a while hasn't it. Since I last posted I've been to Hong Kong and China for a few weeks, shamefully, I've been back three weeks already and haven't friggin' posted.

Sorry to all who've been hanging out for my latest post. I'm sure that there are millions of you. Strangely though, I think there are more people reading my blog to post comment spam than there are reading my blog for my witty and incisive analysis of my freaky little world.

If you haven't been watching, check out my damn photo-blog, it's got heaps of photos from my holiday, and I'm still mo'blogging my phone cam stuff up there occasionally.

None, the less I'll post any way. I'm also going to post a couple of retrospective items about Hong Kong and China which I scribbled old school style into a journal; like with a pen - on paper and everything!

There is more exciting news to follow.