Down & Brown
since 1998

Yet more excitement in Brunswick.

"Goin' to Brunswick Mate?", asks one bikie to another.
"Nah, just shootin' through".

Went out to dinner tonight, and as we drove away we noticed a few Harley's parked outside the Union Hotel. I remarked to Mel that it looked like there was going to be a big one tonight; the usual stuff, burnouts at 2.00am, shouting, a little fighting and piss-wrecks staggering home cussing one another out.

Something different happened tonight though, we returned home to flashing red and blue lights; half a dozen police units and a whole bunch of police tape around the pub.

By the time we got home at 10.00, a bikie had been shot three times and had already been dispatched by amblulance and the CIB were on the scene questioning witnesses. A few journo's were hovering around trying to gather a story from locals.

I noticed one of the journo's desperately trying to feed a story to a colleague back at the office over the telephone; I said, "Dude, I could lend you a notebook with a wireless connection if you have an extranet - I could have blogged tihs story already!" He laughed.

Anyhoo, as we approached Alexander Parade and got off the Eastern freeway on our way home fron dinner out, a bikie on a Harley sped by us at a rate of knots.
"Looks like there's a rumble on at the Union tonight", I joked to Mel.

How right I was.