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Google Maps - Australia Mapped!

Goooooooogle Maps rock my world. I've been waiting for the complete mapping data for Australia to be finished so I can fiddle around with the API. While I'm not at extreme mashup stage yet, I have implemented a bit of a location search for the Music Schools at the Yamaha Music website.

This is really exciting! It was pretty straight forward to set up, there were some great examples on the API documentation (proving that I'm a moron) which I found easy to follow and implement for my purposes.

There was some weirdness within my development environment - highly restrictive as it is - which arose from Internet Explorer not being permitted to set cookies, but other than that, it went very well. Drop a line directly to let me know what you think, I've still got comments turned off here and won't turn 'em on again until I can be sure that I'm not gonna get comment spam.