Down & Brown
since 1998

A-1 Lebanese Bakery

Best cheese pies on Sydney Road.


  1. yumcharocks
    24 July 2006

    But would A-1 win the Kebistan pastry off in the 3 way super bout between Tabets, A-1 and the norther interloper Akaar? A-1 is the heavy title holder with the groceries behind it to pack a weighty punch but the 2 young upstarts provide a stiff challenge to this old favourite.

  2. Travo
    25 July 2006

    Oh Yeah! I think so. In a recent Epicure column though there was a long article about the various meat pide / pizza's that can be found along this part of Sydney Road. Each shop, refecting their country of origin, has a unique take on this Middle Eastern snack.