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Takin' some small steps and learning .NET

Late last week and today I've been working on my .NET chops - reading, experimenting, failing, reading... repeat, adjust paradigm, rinse.

I got a whiff of the IHttpHandler and it smelt as if it could be massaged into acting like a servlet. Fortunately there are a few other morons out there who would rather make ASP.NET behave like Java Servlets so they don't have to completely adjust their reality.

Servlets rule; especially in a MVC configuration. Happy days. It's an arragement (perhaps framework?) that I comprehend well. If I can transfer that comprehension across to another language, well - the rest is furniture.

Today, it was this page simply entitled 'Java Servlets' which really helped to crack the nut I'd be gnawing at since last week. Believe me, the key learning new things is really shoving the right keywords into a Google search, if you're lucky you'll click on the right page that digests this information in the best way for you to understand.

So what does this mean? - well, I can now build you a .NET application if prodded and in time I'll learn some of the nifty techniques and stuff that can be implemented with form controls and such. For now though, it'll be a relief to be able to explore this a little further and get some bits and bobs up and running. Database connection here, form on a webpage there, animated flaming logo over there...