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Only the lonely...

Nicholas Carr raises an interesting point. What is the point! Why am I writing? Who do I write for? What are my aspirations? Who is my audience?

Firstly, I'm not all that bitter, that I'm not a minor celebrity in the Melbourne blogging community. Christ, I just don't do it all that often. I do realise though that my audience is small - probably mostly made up of a few friends who frequent occasionally and some family members who hope I don't swear too much.

If there is any angst about readership, it's simply that the random blitherings I have here won't affect my employment. Really! "Fuck, if I say that will I get the sack?" or "If I don't post something about [insert random technology here], I won't be able to get that next job, cause they'll read my blog and see that I'm a fucking moron." or "Fuck, since I've posted about [random technology x] they can actually see that I don't know jack about it..."

That kind of stuff.

Yeah, it kills me that comment spam outnumbers genuie comments 100 to 1. Yeah, I don't really do all that much that I find compelling to write about. Yeah, I'm probably addicted to brain crack. But fuck it - this is my place and I'll do what I like.


  1. design huggy
    12 September 2006

    Sympathy post :)

  2. Travo
    15 September 2006

    I don't need your damn sympathy... but I do appreciate your comment! ;-)