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Mustachio Au-Go-Go

travo-mustachio.jpg Yup, that's my mo' for Movember. It's going well don't you think? It looks pretty damn sex... oh Christ! Who am I kidding, I look like this guy from The Simpsons. Very creepy. But it's all for a good cause - the healthy loins of all Australian men.

My sponsorship number is 33587 - head on over to the Movember sponsorship pages and lay down some tax-deductable coinage.

I'm not sure if you can see in the picture, but I've also doubled the size of my sideburns. I thought that was an equally important statement about male potentcy, virility and... pimpy-ness.

I seem to be a whole lot more conscious of my mo' than those around me... either that or they're much too polite to mention the nasty slug crawling along underneath my nose.

Did I mention that me chin now really feels the cold?


  1. Megan
    15 November 2006

    Guys with mows etc look good but I had this boyfriend once who had the mow and goatee and it was like being kissed lovingly by a vacuum cleaner attachment.

  2. Travo
    15 November 2006

    That's hilarious - and immediately made me think that you might have been going out with this guy, or one of his buddies.

  3. Megan
    16 November 2006

    Ha ha fantastic..