Down & Brown
since 1998


The Prozac Blues Band

Yeah! A blues band. Dave and I recorded some great music and you should check it out.



Check out our range of gorgeous ties to download, print and wear.

Balloon Art In Radiotherapy.

This is significant technical paper outlining the benefits of using balloon art in radiotherapy.

XRay Guitar

See inside a guitar, using the awesome power of x-rays!


David Willis

Dave is a film-maker, musician, radiation professional and is creative in the most delightful and surprising ways. He is the intelligence and talent behind the Prozac Blues Band.

Travis Winters

Travo is a blues man, guitarist, singer, developer, husband, father and well...still an ongoing concern. Prozac Blues is maintained by Travis.


Pants off living

Do. Doing. Done.

One of the most vital things I’ve learnt over the last couple of years is to acknowledge my achievements.

Leadership and Stories

Story telling and great leadership are often associated together. Great stories are beneficial not just for the audience but also the narrator.

On Recruitment

The elaborate processes that some friends and I have been through recently have given me pause to consider recruitment.

On Hackdays

It took a bit of pondering, but Every Thing is a Remix helped me understand Hackdays (which I don't really like).

Little Do I Care

In a fit of pique I rage about being a consultant.