Down & Brown
since 1998

1958 Holden FC

Part One — Dreaming and Doing

Developing an idea. Getting in up to your arm-pits. Resource pooling. Relocation.

Part Two — Reality Bites

The onion. The truth. Decisions, decisions. Backyard artisans.

So, for the longest time, parts three four and five are unfinished. Not because I don't have a great story to tell, rather a hundred other stories took precedence. Life, work, marriage, kids, work, music.

If you have waited, and waited for these stories to be told — I apologise. For now, the placeholders will remain, and one day, I finish the story.

I still have this damn car mind you and it's nearly due for another restoration! Money pit.

Part Three — Slow Progress

Steel and elbow grease. Rubbing. More rubbing. Furniture for your car. Some painting and more rubbing.

Part Four — Manufacture and Impatience

Reassembly. Sourcing new bits and bolts. Wiring without a clue. Lessons in manufacture and customisation. Testing.

Part Five — Ready for the Road

Registration. Old rubber. Tanked. Trimmed. Lusting for lustre.