Down & Brown
since 1998


Gig Bag Museum Piece

Ever wondered what the hell is inside a working muso's gig bag. In particular a guitar slingin' bluesman. Well, I'm still wondering too. In the mean time -take a look inside mine

Can Travo work for you?

I am in the job market. If you seek a business focused, user oriented developer with skills in ASP/MSSQL, PHP/MySQL and Object Oriented Techniques you shouldread moreabout me.

I built a car (with a lot of help).

In 1994, while working at Monash University Gippsland, I met a guy who had a car. This car damn near changed the course of my life and provided a very satisfying distraction to many a weeknight and many a weekend. My Holden FC is my pride and joy. This is the story of howmy Holdencame back to life.

Not the Lone Ranger

I read an article in The Age about some poor arsehole's horrible experiences getting, understanding and installing broadband internet. I read the article and realised that I wasn't the lone ranger when it came to my experiences, many of the grief he described reflect my own and, unfortuntately, I have afew more shitty onesto add.

My beloved Fender Bassman '59

Beloved Fender Bassman

I sold my amp to Gavin before I went overseas in 2002. You better believe that I miss my baby, if you want to sell one - please contact me!

Really, really old stuff.

XML Navigation Technique

I wrote a little thing about how I used an XML Doc to store my site structure, and the ASP (JScript) Code I write to slurp it out.

Optimised For IE

This is me having an epiphany about accessibility.